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Watch "Another self" if you are curious about Family constellations

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Conventional methods for physical and psychological treatments have granted uncountable benefits to our civilization in terms of health. Medications and psychotherapy are established gold practices for treating the body-mind complex and its traumas, and their effectiveness has been proven. Some people, however, are still not seeing effective results with these conventional and standardized methods since they believe that disease is a manifestation of the whole body, outside of physical or physiological realms. The majority of them look for alternative "remedies" that do not have the same side effects as chemical drugs in order to heal their bodies, speech, and minds.These unusual seekers believe that remedy is not only a pill you can take every other day, but something you need to gradually digest in your mind to create different conditions for happiness. That means that you need to create the causes and conditions for happiness.

A family constellation is a therapeutic approach to reducing suffering caused by lack of awareness. As a result of our lack of awareness, we cannot see reality for what it is. The belief that our interpretation of reality is right and our excessive fixation on it is our main enemy to learning from new experiences.

From a systemic point of view we can say that we have learned the ways we interpret reality specially from our family system. The way we relate to intimacy, money, sex, partner, children, frustration, career has been inherited from our ancestors. As we work with family constellations, we can see that who we are is a product of our past relationships. Our patterns of thinking, behavior, and habits are learned and inherited without discrimination. This recognition is not intended to claim or blame others, but to cultivate a panoramic view of what has been received from our lineage. By becoming more aware of how we are reacting to our lives, incredibly loyal to our family mandates in how to love, engage, avoid suffering, and deal with unhappiness, we will be able to make choices to live differently.

Through family constellations, we can work on many aspects of our lives. Physical (diseases, physical symptoms), psychological (mental habits), emotional and spiritual themes (sense of emptiness, lack of fulfillment in life) are brought by participants. The aim of this work is to create more inner space to experience how an attitude of recognition, agreement and harmony with what happened can unfold a great healing power by reconnecting us to the resources existing within a family system. From this place we can claim agency in our life rather than continuously demand from others.

The Turkish drama series "Another self" available in Netflix set off the spiritual journey of three female friends. One of them, tired of receiving conventional cancer treatment, decides to experience a group family constellation out of curiosity. Her "healing journey" reveals many wounds in her past history that have never been recognized and kept as a secret to avoid suffering. The effects of her spiritual journey are spread to others who feel inspired by her changes in health and want to experience the same healing. The three friends are carried away by inexplicable forces to gradually reveal their unhealed wounds in their family systems. Curiously, while they are experiencing more awareness to "suffering" they feel more fulfilled in their lives and free.

This series is an example of how family constellation works. By cultivating more awareness of where we come from, what happened in the past in our family system and how many obstacles our ancestors had to endure to survive we develop a wider heart, full of compassion for everyone independently if they are our friends or enemies. This is a potent technique to change our mindset, which is seemed as the main element for our self-transformation.

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