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Natalia Bullon Sesiones de constelaciones familiares Auckland

"To suffer is a lot easier than change. In order to be happy, one needs to have courage"
Bert Hellinger

Natalia Bullon Sesiones de constelaciones familiares Auckland

Family constellations

Family constellations and meditation are a journey of recovery. One returns to the place where we (or our ancestors) were frozen by the magnitude of the pain but with emotional tools to cope in a more skilful way. 

Meditacion Natalia Bullon Sesiones de constelaciones familiares Auckland

Meditation and contemplation

The postmodern era has brought us addictive tendencies that are reflected in our need to constantly be distracted (i.e. busyness) resulting in difficulty in navigating spaces of emotional and spiritual discomfort. In fact, we polarize ourselves between avoiding or excessively identifying ourselves with the conflict.

Free meditations

Instructions to start meditating (now only in Spanish) 

Posture for meditation (7 cardinal points of the meditative posture)

Postura para la meditación (7 puntos cardinales de la postura meditativa)Natalia Bullon
00:00 / 09:39

Breath-based mindfulness

Mindfulness basado en la respiracionNatalia Bullon
00:00 / 16:33

Guided meditation for cultivation of equanimity 

Meditacion para la ecuanimidadNatalia Bullon
00:00 / 18:28

Guided meditation for cultivation of loving-kindness

Meditacion para el amorNatalia Bullon
00:00 / 16:26

Podcast episodes (in Spanish)

Cafe con Dharma

Letting go: the invitation to live lighter

Dejar ir: la invitación para vivir más ligeroNatalia Bullon
00:00 / 16:24

Responsibly in our affections

Cuidar el vinculoNatalia Bullon
00:00 / 49:18

Going through the end of a relationship

Atravesar el dolor del término de una parejaNatalia Bullon
00:00 / 26:30

Walking the uncomfortable waters of the difficult

Caminar las aguas incómodas de lo difícilNatalia Bullon
00:00 / 16:41

Not becoming a mother

la maternidad cuando se nos pasa el trenNatalia Bullon
00:00 / 22:56

Clear boundaries for healthy relationships

Limites claros para relaciones saludablesNatalia Bullon
00:00 / 21:45

Self-kindness meditation

Meditacion metta a uno mismo y estados emocionalesNatalia Bullon
00:00 / 17:36

We are prisoners of our desires and rejections

Somos prisioneros de nuestros deseos y rechazosNatalia Bullon
00:00 / 16:24

Mothering others to become a mother

Maternarse para maternarNatalia Bullon
00:00 / 1:09:24

The dating app world

mi experiencia con las aplicaciones de citasNatalia Bullon
00:00 / 16:46


Super recommended to be able to live the experience of a family constellation. As a psychologist, Natalia's guidance was enriching, both professionally and personally. It is wonderful how he manages to create a warm climate of respect where you feel content and can grow.

Gianine | 36 years

Upcoming workshops

Family constellation workshops are held twice a month, once in Spanish and once in English. For more information press the more information button. 

Individual sessions are always available with greater flexibility on your time. Ask me privately about them. 

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