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Cultivating appreciation

Thank you to the greatest mystery of life that runs through existence for allowing me to breathe, for allowing me to appreciate the beauty of the flowers, the clouds, the smell of coffee in the morning, for allowing me to be born in a country where there is the freedom to be educated, to express my ideas and thoughts without being imprisoned.

I thank everyone who has come into my life. You all gave me something and I appreciate your generosity. I value and appreciate what you gave me within your possibilities. I am doing something good with my life with all those things that have been given to me.

I thank the infinite network of sentient beings that have supported my growth since I was born. Being alive would not have been possible without so many beings who have collaborated in my growth, nutrition and education. No growth is possible without being being dependent on others. Without collaboration from others we simply die. Thank you to everyone who has generously given me something, whatever it was. Everyone has given me and I will make sure I will do something good with it. I carry your name in those little things that make my life wholesome.

I thank my parents, I thank what brought them together to give birth to me. I appreciate the story behind their fates because your fates brought me to life. Thank you for this great gift that is life that is so full and rich with possibilities. Thank you for your sacrifice to make sure my well-being and growth is first. Thank you for creating my brothers, great companions on the journey. I appreciate your generosity in giving me more than you could sometimes give. I honor our family destiny, I honor those who have moved us through out destinies and the flow that moves us together and separately. I appreciate continuing to travel with you.

I thank my ex-partners for giving me so much. I carry your generosity as a great offering received. For teaching me to love without attachment, opening my heart to the uncertainty that life is and has an end. I appreciate your eyes because through them I have looked at my obsessions, my most selfish desires and my pacified aggression. I see and honor your stories, your parents and your fate that brought you into my life in such a mysterious way. I take your offerings and do something good with them in my life.

I thank the greatest life for allowing me to live. For the beauty of the little things and for being so generous. Today is the first day of the following days and I appreciate the beginning again.

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