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You will find information about my latest activities and where I am in this life.

Find me as Natalia Bullon Zegarra. Here I publish my events, workshops and free activities for the community.

In my podcast called Café con Dharma, I talk about spirituality from two sources: Buddhism and family constellations. The meditative tradition provides the space that generates healing and the family constellations providing the method to heal the wounds caused by the excessive sense of self.

This channel was opened in 2016 with the intention of answering the question: What is spirituality? I have interviewed many leading people in the field of self-knowledge to talk about how spirituality is being transformed. Notable guests such as Patricia May, Alfredo Collovati, Felipe Landaeta, Julio Príncipe, Marita Escalante, Carla Silva, among others. I have interviews in English and Spanish.

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Natalia Bullon

Pharmacist and Biochemist, UNMSM, Peru.

PhD, AUT, Auckland, New Zealand.

Ontological Coach, Asersentido, Chile.

Training in Family Constellations, Círculo Constelaciones, Chile.

Training in Family constellations. Australasian constellation 

I have received formative training with: Systemic Constellations (Guni Baxa, Mark Wolynn), Organizational Constellations (Jan Jacob Stan, Bibi Schreuder, Joan Corbalan), Family Constellations (Dan Cohen, Alfredo Collovati, Leslie Nipps, Joan Garriga, Ingala Robl, Margaret Koenning , Brigitte Champetier de Ribes), Trauma and somatic experience (Sujey Aleman, Stephan Hausner).

Tibetan Buddhist practitioner in the Kagyu tradition. My main tutor is Ani JangChub Llhamo, director of the Nyima Tashi Buddhist Centre, Auckland, New Zealand. My spiritual teacher is Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche. I have provided Spanish translation of Buddhist teachings in New Zealand for the Latin community.

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