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constelaciones familiares Natalia Bullon

Family constellations

Family constellations

Family constellations are a therapeutic method developed by Bert Hellinger in the 1980s. This approach reveals patterns of behavior or interpretations of reality that impede our sense of well-being.

Family constellation works allows to reconnect with what has been excluded, disregarded, or silenced in the family dynamic. Through a process of becoming aware of these exclusions, or unresolved issues and their effects on the members of the family and oneself; the person can integrate those experiences making more space within. This broader awareness brings more balance to oneself and automatically into the family system by creating more inner flexibility to understand the events that were difficult, therefore excluded, or unresolved.

Family constellations show the interconnectedness between one and others, and between the different parts in one person. Every existing entity (living organism*) such as a disease, emotion or thought have a longing for integrity. Not only in a personal level, but also in wider levels such as countries and organisations. By giving space to all the excluded/negated/repressed parts to appear in the systemic constellation work, we allow the person/system to gradually recover its own balance of awareness. Sometimes, we see that the symptom (e.g., emotional struggle, disease) is a manifestation of something that has been carried through generations without resolution and been seen. This happened because in the particular moment of trauma the coping mechanisms were insufficient or not mature enough. Family constellation work shows that there is an underlying awareness of what has not been resolved for generations until someone responds bringing awareness to the whole intergenerational system.


We see reality under particular lenses. These lenses have been conditioned by our educational system, family history, and our karmic imprints (*see buddhist view on Karma). We live generation through generation without questioning these core beliefs until our sense of dissatisfaction is so uncomfortable that a radical change is sought in the family system. The dis-ease, experienced by a family member, is somatized or verbalized as a symptom (disease, emotional struggle, spiritual crisis) allowing healing to take place in all levels: past, present and future. 

As a family constellation facilitator and representative, I would say that family constellations are a journey towards our most intimate being. We discover how we see reality and unlearn mental habits that are detrimental to our sense of inner happiness. We surrender to the duality of what was good and what was bad in our family history and we become friends with whatever happened in our history. By developing less duality and more integration with our family history, we are more at ease with our world whatever it is. We become less demanding on the world to change, rather we contribute with vigor to a fresh future. 

Through family constellation work, we go through the difficult moments of life again. Those moments where we remained perplexed and frozen in trauma. The difference is that now we have the resources to cope with them in a more skillful way. We can wholeheartedly accept what we could not do and move forward with appreciation and grace. Through family constellation we initially begin to recognise our intrinsic nature, which is infinitely spacious and not polarized between trauma and not trauma.  This is the beginning of well-being : being less divided. 

constelaciones familiares Natalia Bullon

Family constellations allow you to expand your heart. Being accompanied by a family constellation facilitator, you are able to walk through previous uncomfortable experiences with more clarity and serenity developing compassion, gratitude and humility. 

"Family constellations are a journey towards our most intimate being. We discover how we see reality and unlearn mental habits that are detrimental to our sense of inner happiness"

Thanks to the wisdom delivered by Bert Hellinger, the facilitator is skilled in guiding the client into a journey of inner reconciliation. We do so by reconnecting with our vulnerability and our sense of empathy with others.

In summary, we gradually recover our natural serenity, which is a product of a deep understanding and experience that life is what it is


Individual sessions

An individual session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. This can be done in person or by zoom . Both modalities work perfectly. One to one sessions allow you to look at a specific personal issue or challenge.



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Sesiones individuales

What topics can we work on in family constellations?

Any theme that represents a conflict can be examined under this therapeutic approach. You can work with any type of emotional challenge, such as grief, stress, depression, couple relationships, parental relationships, children, relatives, abortions, difficulty with a particular emotion, work problems, professional indecision, feeling of stagnation, loss of vital energy, anorgasmia, loss of libido, illness, etc. 

It is not possible to work out other people's issues, except for parents who want to work their children's theme.  

It is important to take the time to define the theme you want to work on. I recommend you to ask yourself the following questions before the session:

What is painful right now (emotionally, psychologically, spiritually)?

What can be a good result for me after this session?

Am I ready to see? How do I feel about seeing something I have not seen before?

temas a trabajar

How do I prepare for the session?

Take the time to contemplate the issues you would like to work on. Make space in your agenda to self-reflect on this. Ask for guidance from your teachers, spirit guides and ancestors to accompany you in this reflection. If you have an spiritual practice, include it in this space. Take a couple of hours to record these thoughts in a notebook and define which theme is having the greatest impact at the moment.

You can ask yourself:

Do I have a recurring issue?

Do I suffer from trauma?

Do I have any sense of dis-ease? is it physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual?

Am I struggling with anxiety, addiction, shame, grief, or anger?

Do I accept my parents with total openness?

Am I at ease with my family history? what does this mean to me? 


If you have a mental issue, or are receiving medication please notify me as knowing this will allow us to move forward with a better understanding of your needs. You can write, or call me anytime to discuss if this is thesuitable option for you. 

Cómo me preparo para la sesión
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