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Self-awareness, meditation and family constellations

"The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear"

Postmodern times have brought us addictive tendencies that are reflected in our need to live constantly distracted. Spaces of emotional and spiritual discomfort are challenging to navigate because we live avoiding what we do not want or excessively attached to what we want.

Many spiritual traditions agree that the global and climate crisis is nothing more than the reflection of an individual crisis where we have disconnected from ourselves. We have lost the ability to naturally connect with our subtle voice, with the infinite space of pure consciousness that inhabits us from the moment we are born. However, there is a way to reconnect with what has been disintegrated: through contemplation and meditation. The cultivation of the contemplative space shines light onto our most profound being awakening insight and personal understanding. The fundamental personal and collective challenge is to reconnect with this space of serenity and calm where polarities fade and everything has permission to be.

In my work as a constellation facilitator, contemplation and meditation play a vital role. Indeed, deep transformation relies on the cultivation of awareness through formal meditation. Meditation is a long journey, but can be gradually trained if discipline and determination are present. In addition to family constellation work, I accompany clients with formal sitting, breathing exercises and guided meditations that support the cultivation of a calmer mind and self-awareness.

By practising contemplation and meditation, the client is able to develop a calmer and more spacious mind that is aware of its own negative tendencies and toxicity when relates to others. The awareness of negative states of mind is brought to the session and is the fertile ground to work with in family constellation. The client is gradually seeing that it is possible to cultivate a more kind way of seeing reality by developing awareness and applying the right antidote.

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