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Fundación raíces de compasión Natalia Bullon

“There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they're falling in"
Desmond Tutu. Nobel Peace Prize 

Roots of Compassion Foundation

I can identify a before and after in my life since I entered into the Buddhist path. This spiritual tradition awakened the noblest qualities I did not know existed within me.

Buddhism and its sophisticated approach taught me how to give rise to the most sublimes qualities in us by practice and mind training: unconditional love, joy, compassion for all sentient beings and equanimity. I see in meditation a radical transformative tool to live fully, and in my dharmic buddhist roots a spiritual place where I can dwell with ease and joy. 

In retribution for the life received by my parents and transmitted by my ancestors, in profound gratitude to the Buddadharma I founded Roots of Compassion foundation. This is a charitable trust born to empower disadvantaged communities in Peru and Chile and to awaken their human potential, creating more sustainable communities integrating science and spiritual training. 


The vision

This Project is firmly anchored in the development of the enlightened heart ( bodhicitta ). In other words, the development of the heart and mind in the service of humanity resonating with compassion, the joy of living and the generosity of nature.

We aspire to reduce inequity by:

  1. Cultivation of a critical mind of the status quo in the social, political, psychological and spiritual spheres. Maintain a scientific attitude with oneself.

  2. Education in environmental sustainability and generation of own food resources.

  3. Recovery of indigenous worldview.

  4. Cultivation of a contemplative mindset aimed at reconnecting with the natural cycles of nature. We believe that communities disadvantaged by the exponential economic growth of the last 200 years can regain their autonomy by learning to supply their spiritual, food and housing needs.

Our work

We provide the most disadvantaged populations with assistance and access to health, traditional, emotional and spiritual, vocational, economic education and sources of food subsistence.

We firmly believe that education is the door to freedom.  

How do we do it?

  1. Dissemination of Buddhist teachings on how the mind works and how to put an end to suffering. Courses, workshops, book club, free talks, interviews. 

  2. Mental training for the cultivation of a scientific mind from applied natural sciences. Use the scientific method to explore natural ecosystems and equalising them with the mind ecosystem. 

  3. Academics and Buddhist teachers from the rest of the world travelling to Peru and Chile to teach. Translation of the Buddhadharma for Spanish speakers. 

  4. We count on the financial collaboration of institutions and philanthropists that are willing to retribute society with education, awareness and mental training. 

All this is framed within our fundamental principle: Ahimsa (Sanskrit) which is to not harm.

Our strategy

We believe in the active participation of professionals who want to contribute to independence of the most disadvantaged communities through education. We call on all professionals in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to contribute to this educational renaissance.  


The integration of the spiritual, academic and beneficiary community creates a network that promotes the holistic empowerment of the individual. 

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